MoHSS Pharmaceutical Information Dashboard

The MoHSS Pharmaceutical Information Dashboard is a web-based tool that enhances visibility and enables the Ministry of Health & Social Services to actively monitor the stocking and availability of essential medicines, vaccines and clinical supplies at the central, regional and health facility levels across Namibia.

Benefits of the Dashboard
Increases visibility of high-quality stock status data that improves pharmaceutical supply chain decision-making
Identifies potential stock-outs and overstocking to enable timely redistribution of health products
Efficient management of essential pharmaceutical products to maximize availability and to minimize wastage
Key Features of the Dashboard
The dashboard comprises three parts:
ART Dashboard – provides a summary of the number of people accessing HIV treatment and an early warning on potential stock-outs of ARVs
Essential Commodities & Clinical Supplies Dashboard – provides managers with visibility of stock status for all essential health products at central, regional and facility levels
PMIS Dashboard – provides trends of national essential pharmaceutical information management indicators (PMIS)
Data sources
Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) - Based on data from the electronic dispensing tool (EDT)
Essential Commodities & Clinical Supplies - LMIS reporting based on data from the facility electronic stock card (FESC)
Pharmaceutical Service Performance Indicators - Based on national PMIS indicators
Country Profile Source

Number of people living with HIV

210 000 [200 000 - 230 000]

Adults aged 15 to 49 prevalence rate

13.3% [12.2% - 14.5%]

Adults aged 15 and over living with HIV

200 000 [190 000 - 220 000]

Women aged 15 and over living with HIV

120 000 [110 000 - 130 000]

Children aged 0 to 14 living with HIV

10 000 [9400 - 11 000]

Deaths due to AIDS

3100 [2500 - 3900]

Orphans due to AIDS aged 0 to 17

45 000 [36 000 - 52 000]

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